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The MixNauten Terms and Conditions is short, concise and easy to read; in fact we excluded all the legal rhetoric that’s usually a part of long licensing agreements. Here are the key points of your Terms and Conditions:

  • You will continue to have 100% ownership of all your recordings, songs and copyrights.
  • You will NOT pay any submission costs.
  • You will have a customer service team assisting you with your submissions and distribution questions.
  • You will receive up to gross  80% of all income from digital downloads and digital broadcasts.
  • The term of the Agreement is 3 years. This will allow us enough time to get your recordings, songs (and even videos) distributed and performing throughout the largest network of retailers, broadcasters, and agents around the globe.
  • We provide two different quarter report:
    1 Quarter Details Report (Reporting month, Sales month,Platform, Country, Label, Artist, Album, Tracks, Daily revenue)
    2 Quarter Earning (Net revenue)
  • You can ask for your royalty payment every quarter.